North Dakota Underground Utility Construction

Tunneling Contractors provides North Dakota with underground utility and infrastructure construction services via three methods of service: horizontal directional drilling (HDD) more commonly called directional boring, horizontal auger boring and hand-tunneling.

We provide North Dakota commercial, residential and municipal owners and contractors with underground utility construction services specializing in the underground directional boring of utility pipelines for electric power, solar, wind, telephone, satellite, cable, TV, Internet, wi-fi, fiber optic, security, oil, gas, petroleum, steam, sewer, drain, water and irrigation crossings.

As an North Dakota expert boring contracting company, we excavate an opening beneath the ground without disturbing the surface to bore underground pipes for utility line crossings of all types of diameters and lengths both large and small.

From electrical to fiber optic runs, oil and gas pipelines, sewer lines and water mains, our boring company team uses directional boring techniques to place HDPE, PVC and steel pipe, conduit and cables under almost any surface like concrete slabs, driveways, roadways, sidewalks and walkways in diverse terrains like dirt, clay, rock, sand and even in Williams - North Dakota’s state soil.

We have decades of directional drilling experience and have bored and installed utility pipelines under trees, under roads, under bridges, under railroad tracks and routed utility cables under waterways, lakes, rivers and even harbors.

North Dakota Horizontal Directional Drilling

We use state of the art horizontal directional drilling machines and experienced drilling crews for commercial, residential and municipal underground utility pipe installation projects in North Dakota and beyond.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched directional drilling rig, with minimal impact to the surrounding surface area.

Pipe, conduit or cables can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene, ductile iron, and steel as long as it can be pulled through the drilled bore hole.

To successfully install utility pipe underground in North Dakota without disturbing the surface, the HDD drilling contractor creates a pilot bore along the design plan pathway then reams the pilot bore in one or more passes to a diameter suitable for the pipe product which is then pulled into the prepared bore hole in the final stage of the process.

This form of trenchless pipe drilling is often better for the environment and can save property owners’ time and money by reducing the disruption costs often associated with open cut landscape, concrete and asphalt trenching.

North Dakota Directional Drilling Company

When North Dakota business, residential and municipal contractors need to extend existing utilities, water, or install conduits through heavily congested areas, Directional Drilling (also referred to at times as, directional boring, directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling and HDD) allows underground line connections to be established without compromising landmarks, disrupting vehicle and pedestrian traffic or damaging the environment; all while requiring virtually no post installation surface restoration.

Why Choose a Directional Drilling Company?

Directional Drilling is a Trenchless Method For Establishing New Utility Lines

In the past, the only way to establish a new utility line was through expensive and damaging open-cut trenching. With directional drilling you get the advantages of trenchless installation methods where a preexisting line is either unavailable or needs to be relocated.

Directional Drilling Saves Money

A significant portion of the cost of a new utility line installation goes into digging for a new line and putting back excavated material. Achieve significant cost savings and avoid the damages that come with traditional open cut methods used to establish new utility lines.

Directional Drilling Saves Time

Directional Drilling not only saves money, it also reduces project completion time. Without trenches to dig or material to put back, the completion time on projects using directional drilling is significantly less than with conventional open cut methods.

North Dakota Auger Boring Companies

While horizontal directional drilling costs per foot are often the most economical method for placing pipes underground; North Dakota road boring projects like those for the Department of Transportation (DOT), municipalities and railroads like Union Pacific, BNSF and CSX often require their pipeline boring projects be auger bored, jack and bored, even pipe jacked or tunneled.

In general, these methods of pipe installation form a dry bore by means of a rotating auger with cutting tools. Casings are “jacked” forward sequentially in a cyclic process while the auger is turned while spoils are removed back.

Compared to horizontal directional drilling, auger boring has limited guidance and steering which usually increases a project’s drilling time and thus costs per foot.

If your North Dakota infrastructure project requires auger boring, you will need to answer the following questions:

What size casing or pipe are you installing?

How long is your auger bore crossing?

What type of subsurface conditions are you boring through?

Does your auger crossing have to be on line and grade?

Does your auger bore crossing have a high water table?

How much room do you have to set up your auger bore?

Will your road or railroad bore need a traffic management plan?

How much time do you have to complete your bore?

Will your budget allow for auger boring?

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Having completed thousands of directional drilling projects; Tunneling Contractors can through - horizontal directional drilling (HDD), horizontal auger boring and hand-tunneling services - successfully bring your next North Dakota underground utility construction project in on time and within budget.

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Our services are categorized under the following codes in the state of North Dakota:

NAICS Code 238910 Boring, for building construction NAICS Codes 237990 Horizontal Directional Drilling (underground cable, pipeline, sewer/water installation)

CSI Code: Common Work Results for Utilities –

33 05 23.13 Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling

33 05 23 Trenchless Utility Installation

33 05 23.13 Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling

33 05 23.16 Utility Pipe Jacking

33 05 23.19 Microtunneling

33 05 23.23 Utility Pipe Ramming

33 05 23.26 Utility Impact Moling

31 71 19 Tunnel Excavation by Tunnel Boring Machine

41 33 16 Boring Equipment

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